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How to Catch a Cheater – Top 6 Ways

how to catch a cheating partner

Nobody wants to be cheated on, and that’s why when we have reasons to be suspicious of a partner’s fidelity, we become hyper-vigilant and try really hard to figure out what’s going on and who it’s going on with. The truth is, a cheater doesn’t want to get caught, they’ll try everything possible to cover their tracks. So, it’s sometimes very hard to put your suspicions out there in the open when you don’t have concrete proof or evidence to back them up.

To declare a partner as unfaithful, it is important to catch them red-handed, and how can you do that? There are numerous ways to go about catching a cheater. I will give you an overview of different methods and how useful they are. Let’s start with the not so good ones.

6. Hidden Cameras

Ever thought about bugging your own home so you can keep an eye on a supposedly cheating partner? Well, that’s definitely a bad idea! For a number of reasons, planting hidden cameras in your home can be catastrophic. Spy Cams are too easy to spot, and sooner or later, your partner will find them. They will feel betrayed and vulnerable. No matter if they are guilty or not, they will turn the tables and you will be the bad guy. Remember, you’re only suspicious; you wouldn’t want your desperation to wreck your relationship. As a security risk, for all you know, anyone else could be watching too without your knowledge.

5. Private Investigator

This approach isn’t the best one, either. It could have worked if you’re dealing with a partner whom you’ve caught cheating on various occasions. But it’s very expensive and quite risky too. Things could go wrong, and someone could get hurt. No one likes being followed and watched even from a distance, so think about it, would you want to spend so much money and risk someone getting hurt in the process to catch a cheating partner?

4. GPS Tracker

GPS Tracker might seem like a great idea. True, it’s great for keeping tabs on the whereabouts of a partner. However, it’s not going to blink or wave a red flag when your suspicions eventually come through. A cheating partner could be anywhere and still cheat. People who cheat on their partners sometimes do it in plain sight and still don’t get caught. For example, a partner who is cheating on his wife with his office secretary. They could have sex in his office or even in his car parked in the garage. The GPS tracker can tell you the location, not what they are doing.

3. DNA Infidelity Testing

Science is incredible! You can tell what’s been going on with an allegedly cheating partner from a DNA test. How? Just collect some evidence around the bedroom or anywhere else that suggests that sexual activity took place between your partner and anyone else. This could be something a hair or used underwear. Then you send it to a laboratory that compares the DNA to that of you or your partner. Shortly after that, you will receive a report, whether it was your DNA or that of a stranger. A straightforward and 99.9% secure way to catch a cheating partner.

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2. Background Check

As the saying goes, the internet never forgets. Since we don’t feel like we are being watched at our computer alone, we often do things online without being aware of how much of it is stored in some database. Especially in the area of social media or online dating, everybody has created one or the other profile. A background check brings things to light that have long been thought forgotten. Maybe your partner is still secretly looking for new adventures. No matter if dating, criminal records or even sex offender registry, everything will be scanned during a check.

1. Phone Spy Apps.

Now finally, the best method to catch a cheating partner right in the act is a Secret Spy App. Imagine having access to your partner’s call logs, incoming texts, emails and even their social media chats in real-time. You can also see their browsing history, switch on audio or camera recording, and always know their location. It’s like a secret remote control for their phone without them noticing it.

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You probably wouldn’t want your suspicions to be true, but you do have to make sure of the truth. So choose the right approach and get your life back in control.

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