The market of dating coaches is really hot these days, and so are the pickup artists. When we talk about the hottest dating coaches around, it is hard to ignore Zack Bauer. Without any doubt, he has proved himself as one of the most skilled and charming pickup artists of the recent times. He knows very well how to seduce women with minimal effort by using the right and PUA techniques. This is the reason why you can easily spot him at most of the famous seduction conferences where he loves to share his knowledge and experience with other upcoming PUAs.

Zack is from the United States and at present he is working as a dating instructor or coach at Date Hotter Girls. Initially, Zack used to work in Real Social Dynamics (RSD), which is located in New York. At RSD, Zack and Rob Judge (another dating coach) became close friends and after years both of them quit their jobs. Eventually, they came up with their own PUA Company. So, Rob Judge and Zack Bauer are the founders of Date Hotter Girls, and till now they have taught thousands of men from all across the world about the techniques of dating hot girls in the town. Guys really like Zack Bauer for his ability to help someone learn the techniques of pick up dating in an easy way. Without any doubt, he has cultivated his ability by communication with fellow PUAs and giving presentations at several PUA events. Though he has attended several events, but the 21 Convention is considered as the most notable one.

Whenever Zack Bauer organizes boot camp courses or train guys at Date Hotter Girls, he always gives more emphasis on choosing the appropriate pick up dating techniques and even strongly recommends his students to follow them on daily basis. Apart from being a successful dating coach, Zack is also quite popular for his books, articles, and blogs as well. Till now, he has co-authored number of books; Several Factors of Online game and The 4 Elements of Game is one of them. Since it is one of the products offered by the company Date Hotter Girls, therefore you can get it from its website. If you read his articles, you will figure out that he usually focuses on non-gimmicky pickups which should not grab the attention of the public around you or the girl. Secondly, Zack also suggests using good emotions to attract the girl and also rely on your instinct at the same time. So, as per Zack Bauer, it is all about the notion of visualization that can lead a guy to success. That is what we can say about him. In case you really want to date hotter girls but do not have the confidence in yourself then you should definitely go through the articles of Zack Bauer.