Rob Judge has been pretty much successful as a dating coach in the online world. Rob started his career as a dating coach for PUA Company named RSD Nation, located in New York. It was the year 2008, when he joined the company and gave lessons to hundreds of students about the basic skills of picking up hot girls. At RSD Nation, Zack Bauer used to be his close friend. However, Rob Judge was not completely satisfied with his job and had something bigger in his head. Just after few years of working at RSD Nation, Rob left the company so that he could come up with his own idea. After the split up, he formed his own PUA Company. He joined hands with his co-PUA Zack Bauer and came up with ‘Date Hotter Girls’. The journey till now has not been so smooth for the founders of Date Hotter Girls. Some PUA companies have thrown allegations on Rob and Zack regarding some copyright issues.

Whatever the allegations might be, one thing is for sure that Rob has proved himself as one of the most successful dating coaches of the present time. During the year 2009, he successfully made into the top 10 pickup artists worldwide. Not just that, he was ranked as the 7th best dating coach in the PUAs list of 2011. In addition, the ebook ‘Date Hotter Girls’ written by Rob was among the top rated books of the year 2009. So, it clearly hints towards his huge popularity as a successful dating coach.

If we talk about his overall personality, he is not like a flashy kind of guy. He is completely real and authentic, and that is what attracts a lot of persons towards him. He usually advocates more natural method to seduction, which comprises of 5 simple stages – Open, Vibe, Isolate, Rise, and Close. Till now, he has framed a lot of products for his fans. No doubt, a lot of people have been benefited by the book “The 4 Element of Game”, which has been co-authored by Rob Judge. Apart from books, he is also popular for his articles and blogs which he keeps publishing on regular basis. So, just take a look at them and improve your dating skills.