Hayley Quinn is one among the most popular consultants of personal relationships, in simple words she is a seduction and dating coach. She is an expert in almost every field; she loves dancing, and enjoys reading books. In addition, she is a fitness model, master in text game, a great conversationalist, a good girl kisser and a student. In the present day, Hayley Quinn has become a real babe, and a great instructor in teaching guys about how to find girls they like. Further, besides Kezia Noble she is the only dating coach in the female category to have such immense experience in this field. She is an all rounder- a master of texting, conversation and of course a damn good in seduction. Moreover, Hayley Quinn is not only a simple pretty girl, but a good money maker in her field.

However, her life was very different from what she is now. She grew in a poor surroundings, was a dateless, chubby and out of favor girl from rural England. This experience of her living took her to a new and interesting part of life; she started giving speeches, private talks and seminars on seduction in Atlantic. She used to train at Charisma Arts, and currently she is working at Daygame, a PUA training center. She provides one of the best training on female perspective on any kind of dating or social issues. Hayley Quinn is very good at examining social situation and figuring out what people around you might be thinking about you. She speaks so fluently that it becomes almost impossible to ignore her and no doubt, one can easily get pulled towards her. In case you are wishing to have an astonishing experience with a girl for a day or a hot night, or planning to get a makeover from a geek to a chic, without any qualm, Hayley Quinn will help you with that.

However, life has its own twists and turns, and each one of us has to face the dark side of the life; the same is with the life of Hayley Quinn. Despite teaching thousands of men the ways of seduction techniques of getting around with hot girls, Hayley Quinn unfortunately cannot hold on to a permanent boyfriend till date. This frustrated lady of 24 years age earns quite a good salary in the dating field but couldn’t find a man of her dreams. She has been with more than 200 guys in the previous year, and changes her boyfriend each day; sadly she could not hold a single man for more than a day or two!

According to Hayley, she has become so used to dating men that she finds it difficult to settle down. She also admits that she is not a romantic person and couldn’t find a perfect match for herself. She has her own site from where any of you can get any kind of help regarding sociability and dating skills.

Haley Quinn