Hadassa Noble is the sister and top wing girl of Kezia Noble, the world’s leading female pick up instructor and author of best selling book “Noble Art of Seducing Women”. Hadassa has been a wing girl for Kezia Noble since 2007, and he gained vast experienced and wide understanding over these years, so she knows what men need to do to achieve results when dating women. She used to be a “shy girl”, thus she understands what goes on in a “shy girl’s” mind when being approached by a man. She uses this background to help men who want to succeed approaching shy women. She is patient but firm, and has great attention to detail, which has helped hundreds of men approach women successfully. Whereas Kezia is an alpha extrovert, Hadassa Noble is more of an introvert; therefore she helps men who want to attract more shy and initially more non responsive women.

She is incredibly insightful and has an amazing understanding of what it takes for a man to successfully date the quite woman. Many men are attracted to the quite kind of woman, rather than extrovert ones, but don’t know how to approach that kind. Furthermore, little information is available from other pick-up artists on how to successfully seduce a quite kind of woman. She advises men to make shy girls feel as comfortable as possible when talking to them as this helps them reveal more about themselves with confidence and self assertion.

Most shy women are often uncomfortable talking to men they are attracted to. Hadassa was once this kind of woman that she even couldn’t talk or make eye contact to shop assistants, or strangers. When she began working in the pick-up community, she knew she would have to overcome her excessive shyness for her to be successful in training men and women. So, Hadassa understands what shy people are going through and explain to them the good tips that help them overcome the crippling effect shyness has on dating. She teaches her students to always practice the hard way to overcome their shyness as she herself did. She had to take a deep breath and walk to talk to people. While talking, she felt very uncomfortable; her blood running cold, finger tingling and such. But the relief after finally talking was wonderful. Hadassa Noble says the more shy men and women practice this, the more fear becomes less eventually leading to the defeat of shyness. He advises shy men to often practice talking to any woman by asking directions, time etc. as this helps them become used talking to women, which helps fear and relief subside. These and among others such teachings is what Hadassa does best, helping shy men and women overcome shyness so they can successfully approach and date each other.