Gunwitch PUA is among the contradictory figures in the world of dating community. Allen Reyes (his real name) started his career as a pick up artist on 1st of January 2008. Gunwitch always believes in one principle – All ingenious is simple. He has been known for his nihilistic attitude, even in sensitive situations; for those who don’t know the concept behind nihilism, it is about total denial of all conventional institutions and authority. So, he never believed in a social system driven with moral or religious conducts. Hence, it also shows that he was not a hypocrite at all. He has always showed his real face to the world. Though he has been charged for many unlawful activities, like shooting a girl in the face, Gunwitch is still admired by many individuals.

He preferred simple yet effective ways to attract women. His audio course has been classified into 5 titles, and all of them are amazingly popular. The first title explains about the inner state of mind; on the other hand the second tells you about the deep insight of inner game; while the third lays more emphasis on the importance of dominance masculinity. Furthermore, the fourth explains you about the logistics, and the last but not the least one explains you to combine all the 4 aspects and apply them in such a way so as to get maximum results.

Gunwitch incorporated his own method and is popularly known as – Gunwitch method. This is a very straight method and hence lays emphasis on one point that women are equally interested in sex as men are. As per Gunwitch, day game is all about igniting the feelings of sexual desire inside a woman without using the power of verbal communication. In other words, he is more inclined towards the importance of using appropriate body language. In addition, Gunwitch also promoted the idea of taking every risk or utilizing every possible opportunity rather than regretting it later.

According to Gunwitch, a direct method should be taken in order to take any woman into a bedroom. You will have to face either of the two options – make it or get rejected. His methods for dating a woman have always yielded positive results in most of the cases. So if you are among those guys who are still waiting to spice up their sex life or want to woo the woman of their dreams, you should definitely follow the techniques mentioned in Gunwitch method.