Jerry Tran is the founder of the dating companie, The ABCs of Attraction, whose main focus is helping Asian men in their difficulties with women. Born on October 13th 1979, he is a pickup artist and a dating coach, as well as a columnist for Baller Magazine and LA Weekly. Jerry’s career starts after he attended one of Mystery’s bootcamps. Soon after, the Asian Playboy decided to develop his own methods of approach towards the dating subject.

Believe it or not, as a spacecraft systems engineer, JT Tran wasn’t always ‘smooth’ regarding interaction with women, not having one single date while he was in college. Applying his knowledge in system engineering over the skill of romance and dating, the Asian Playboy developed a quite specific and complex structure, named the ABCDEF, composed of three important components: thoughts, words and actions. This is a unique concept intended to teach men how to develop and adjust their attitude, how to change their appearance through the way they dress and the way they wear the actual wardrobe, and how to reveal and leave impression with their sexuality while dating women.

Mainly, his teaching is aimed towards self-confidence and communication skills development of really anxious Asian men. According to his techniques, the first step includes “kino” or kinesthetics. Just gently lay your hand on your target’s shoulder while for example, asking her to dance. She is most likely to say yes if you touch her. JT Tran openly says that the Asian males on American land are not perceived as the most alpha males when it comes to attraction and dating, but he is convinced that after a change in the behavior (starting with the removal of, as he would express himself, the “Asian poker face”) the situation will be completely different.

In an ABC News interview, JT Tran reveals some excellent tips and advice about certain behaviors during the first date. The date location choice is of great importance. Try to go out someplace you know well so you can have control of the whole situation. If the first date is going to be a place offering a certain activity, always pick an activity that you’re good at. For example, if you are good at playing pool, take her to a pool bar where you can teach her few things and impress her while doing so. Think about the conversation topics before the date, even write them down. The trick is always to assume that you will be in charge of the conversation stream in the first half an hour or an hour. Even if the woman you are with is strongly attracted to you, she will expect you to take the lead at the beginning. When arranging the date, be sure you are in control of the situation and be aware of the possible problems that may arise, for example if your date is allergic to certain kind of food, be sure not to take her to a restaurant that serves that food. Even though you had planned a perfect evening, bear in mind to stay flexible. Maybe your date will want to see a movie that evening, so be spontaneous and head towards the cinema to see when that movie is on. She will be strongly impressed by your bowing to her wishes. During the seminars arranged by ABCs of Attraction, in just three days filled with lectures and going outs, his clients are being advised on how to dress suitable, how to walk, act and smile, how their hair should look like, in order to become more attractive. The overall cost for a seminar like this is an amazing amount of $ 3 500.

Asian Playboy’s most popular products are: “The Importance of PUA Homework”, “Deterring AMGOs”, Game”, “Handling Female Tests and Approach Anxiety”, “Conversation Master Class”, “Alumni Exclusive Special Programs”, “Text so Sex”, “Practical Day Game” and many more. JT Tran had many appearances in the media including VH1 Pickup Artist, Nichi Bei Times, ABC, Enterpreneur, D Magazine, Chicago TV, Rutgers, Harvard and countless more. Not so long ago, the Asian Playboy launched his own AMWW (Asian Men and White Women) Magazine. “Building Attraction Through Storytelling”, “Learning Threesome