Amanda Lyons (former Torres), alias AFC Amanda Lyons, being only 26 years old, decided to become a dating coach after her relationship with Adam Lyons became deep and serious. Now she is working at PUA Training and Attraction Explained (co- founded by her and her husband) companies. She actually was a student at the Texas Christian University, and took part in the university’s international exchange program – in London.

When she was 23 she met Adam Lyons in a nightclub in London and their “relationship” started when Adam invited her to help during some of his classes. As she would personally admit with a laugh, that was not love at first sight. In 2009 they already got married. Shortly after, in 2010, her career was launched by the new co- founded business, Attraction Explained. Her task was to provide the needed female perspective during the organized workshops, bootcamps and trainings. Mostly, her job is to teach the men the art of seduction and help them work on their self-confidence. Amanda Lyons participates in the creation of DVDs for their company on qualification, attraction, comfort, sexual escalation. Today, she works side by side with her husband as a dating expert, enjoying the satisfaction to travel around the world. Currently, she writes her own blog about the best dining places, bars, pubs and excellent places for a perfect date in London, Los Angeles and Austin. Due to their success, three-day weekend by PUA Training today costs around $1 300.