Top 10 Reasons Your Girlfriend could break up with you

Studies have shown that women are more likely to initiate break-ups than men. One survey even showed that 50% of women only give half-truths as to why they left. Well, we’re here to enlighten you why women leave so that you can get some closure or even save a relationship from crashing. Here are the most common reasons why your girlfriend could break up with you.

1. You don’t spend enough time together

Research has shown that one of the major reasons that relationships fail is due to lack of time spent together. A woman loves her “our time”. Now I’m not talking about smothering you, I’m speaking about a balance. Who doesn’t love down time with their spouses on a weekend, holiday or after work? So if you don’t spend time with her, she will believe you’re not interested in being in the relationship with her. Guess it’s time you hit the road, Jack.

2. You didn’t put a ring on it

The realization of her never being your wife especially when her heart is set on it can push a woman away forever. Life coach, Motivational Speaker and Author Tony Gaskins stated in his blog on April 1st, 2015 that he believes that if a man dates a woman for 3-5 years and hasn’t proposed, he’s just passing time. A woman will pick this up and depart.

3. Bad sex

Yes, as much as we’d like to think that sex is not as important as other aspects of a relationship, it is still very important. Tammy Nelson, Ph.D., a Board Certified Sexologist and Certified Sex Therapist advised that couples who have bad sex eventually become discouraged about their future together. It’s not just the physical component of sex that turns a woman away. It’s the sexual communication or lack thereof that really grinds her chain. She might be willing to try if you’re willing to listen.

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4. Mass Differences

Opposites attract but when two companions aren’t able to see eye to eye on crucial matters, it’ll do the relationship more harm than good. It might be your careers are at different places or she wants to adopt and you want kids or you want to live in the south but she’s die-hard on the west. Sometimes there’s just no compromise. She wants what she wants without you feeling bad. So it’s better to leave than stay.

5. You’re emotionally unavailable

Marriage Counsellor, Justice Schanfarber wrote an article in July of last year. He stated that women leave because they feel their men is not present even if she loves you and you have children. She really wants you to show that you feel her. Being absent-minded might mean you’re taking her for granted. She wants to feel your passion for her and if she doesn’t feel that connection, she will step despite the ties.

6. Communication sucks

You can’t speak to her face to face about an issue or you only speak to her through a gadget or worst – Social Media. No communication, sparse communication, virtual communication cannot build a relationship. Founder and CEO of Balanced Life Academy Group, David Oragui, advised in his article “Why is Communication Important in a Relationship” that “Communication in a relationship is extremely important because it acts as the judge jury who has the final say on whether your relationship lives or dies.” Let that marinate for a bit, are you a good communicator?

7. Financially unstable

This goes further than merely being broke. This speaks to your ambition, your drive as a manly figure. While women may understand that the economy can be rough, what might not sit well with many is if you’re not able to be there for her financially even if it’s just to split the bill. One matchmaking service stated that over 95% of women answered “yes” when asked if income in important. Your financial stability is a reflection of your ambition. Women love ambitious men even if they’re keen on independence.

8. Cheating

Once a woman is with you then that you and your lower head are her territory. You let another woman get a piece of that, you damage her claim. It will feel as if you weren’t really hers to begin with. Jason Fierstein, MA, LPC Counsellor for Men and Couples advised cheating may translate to mean that the person being cheated on is flawed or unwanted and many can’t shake the idea that they’ve been cheated on. What’s even worse if you lie about it when all evidence clearly points to you. Cheating and lying combo is not a good look for a man a woman could possibly spend her life with. She can never look at you the same, never trust you and might even lose respect for you.

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9. Abuse

Be it emotional, physical, verbal, if you hurt her like this then she’ll take her battle scars and go. She’s a human being just like you and deserves respect for her thoughts, her body and her emotions. Damage that and the relationship will forever be broken. Steven Stosny, Ph.D. advised in that an emotionally abusive relationship undermines her confidence, worthiness, growth or trust, makes her feel unstable or manipulated with shame. More women are empowering themselves to leave abusive relationships. Be real, would you want to stay if someone damaged you like this?

10. No Security

At the end of it, it all comes down to security. She needs to feel secure in the relationship and that all the attributes of an awesome relationship are firmly in place. You connect, you communicate, you understand each other, and you make plans together. There’s trust, faithfulness, love, respect, support. You inspire each other, you grow together. With all those things in place, she’ll feel utmost secure. She won’t break up if she feels that you truly are partners for life.