Born on January 29, 1975, in Canada, Sasha is another male dating coach. His affiliated dating company, Sasha Daygame, has been founded in the spirit of helping the single ones find the right mate. Today, Sasha PUA is a great online community, a place where people get around and start chatting about everything and, mostly, in the idea of finding someone to start a relationship with. The PUA community is like a school where only the best dating coaches gather and take their students into the wonderful world of dating. It is all about being funny and having a positive energy and way of thinking. The way of approaching girls or boys is the same funny, energetic and honest way a PUA student is taught to follow.

Sasha is the PUA dating coach who has developed a great and unique system of matching partners. His system is based on going out on the streets, observing and chatting all the time with women. Over the years, this system of him has shown to be a great one, and when he sees two persons who match perfectly, he knows what he says! The thousands of hours spent outside and the thousands of women he chatted with have made him a true pro in the dating niche.

Sasha PUA treasures its online community and matches perfectly the single souls. Bunches of articles and the newest information are widely offered to the hungry readers, ready to get a hint on their mates standing at the other side of the connection. It is great to know that the ways of meeting your partner have become simpler and easier. Coaches like Sasha have the role of giving you tips on how to start a chat with a person you are fond of or simply indicating you the person by fore studying the personality and the character of him/her.
The access to this community is very simple and easy to get. The online website allows you to get as much information as you want about dating and making friends. You can download materials, watch videos and start making an improvement of your life. The coaches play the role of mentors, giving alternative methods of hooking and showing practical techniques of drawing attention and start chatting with possible mates.