His real name is Mark Manson and was born in Austin in the year 1984. Entropy was always considered as a bright student. In the year 2007, he completed his graduation from Boston University and started his journey in the field of PUA. His website Postmasculine.com turned out to be extremely popular among thousands of guys who seek dating advice. As a result, he quit his day job in the year 2008, so that he can completely focus on his website and internet business. After getting fruitful results, in 2009 he started to travel all across the world. In fact, he visit around 40 countries and even learned four different languages.

When it comes to materialistic pleasures, Mark Manson aka Entropy has limited needs. He likes to live a free life without burdening his life with too much of materialistic things. This is the reason why he owns just three things – a cellphone, a laptop, and a suitcase packed with clothes. In fact, he did not even own a permanent house! Mark has always believed in living life to the fullest. He has spent several nights in the deserts of Israel; performed meditation under the tree, apparently where the Buddha achieved enlightenment. Not just that, he has even skydived over New Zealand and went for a run along with bank of river Danube. So, it clearly shows his penchant for an adventurous life, which he usually fulfills by travelling across the globe.

Till now, Mark Manson or Entropy PUA has given more than forty public presentations in different parts of the world, and has worked with more than thousand men in twelve different countries. There are few things that make Postmasculine.com a bit different from the other PUA sites. Through his website, Entropy has tried to help men lead a better and happy life. His website focuses on a larger issue. It is not just about meeting and enticing women, but also how to improve the quality of life.

According to Entropy, good looks, sex, status, or money should be the metrics for success, rather growth, significance, and happiness are the true metrics. If you accomplish these metrics in your life then status, money, and sex will automatically come to you. This is the reason why he put more emphasis on confronting or dealing with your own emotions, beliefs and values. Once you accomplish it, the change would be positive, real, and definitely a permanent one. These are the reasons that set Mark Mason apart from the rest of the PUAs.