Krauser’s inspiration to become a dating coach started when he approached an HB10 (very beautiful) woman in a bar in London who later became his wife. High confidence coupled with the late night environment, Krauser flirted her out with his funny side of life, managed to get her number and went with her back home. He dated the beautiful woman for six years before proposing to her and she accepted becoming his wife. Krauser looking back says his great confidence at the time and strong masculinity looks landed him the most gorgeous woman he has ever met.

He later divorced with his wife which left him feeling empty, sad and depressed. After looking for solace from friends and love song until at the end he decided to take a positive direction. He came across Tony Clink’s book “The Lay Guide”, a pickup artist book, which was sitting all this time at his home but he hadn’t lay a hand on it yet. He would read the book as a way to get over his divorce. The “Lay Guide” gave him a fresh perspective in dating lifestyle as something he could still do. That is when Krauser started getting involved in community of pick-up artists. He started looking for other pickup artist resources, even practicing the Mystery Method in May 2009. This is where he mastered his dating skills and began the journey to become the leading day game pickup artist in Europe.

Today, Krauser is successful as a pickup artist and specializes in day game approaches. He runs a blog where he posts his collections of articles and field reports from his early-to-date works in the pickup artist community. He also offers infield training and analyzes client’s video footage if requested to do so. Furthermore, Krauser provides training retreats, where he goes to a holiday trip, full of gorgeous women and gets to help the client from his teachings “game talk”. Krauser got his recognition from his field reports, and journals of “day game” approaches unlike other dating coaches who use more demonstration and infields rather than theory. This has made Krauser cut a niche for himself from being a typical pickup artist to an established one today. Krauser blogs his field and lay reports in his site, Krauser PUA Adventures. His appeal to readers comes from his real approach and approaching women with a strong, solid intent in daytime.

Krauser has also introduced “night game” pickup mode, where he focuses on believing on outcome- independence and emphasize on high social value. His field reports are detailed and lengthy. He is so open in his reports that he even publishes transcripts of his Facebook and text messages resemblance pictures of his lays, theories on different aspects of “day game”, and analysis of his approaches. He has lots of free pickup knowledge in his reports; enough to sell as an eBook chronicle. He also posts infield videos of himself which often become most liked posts in his blog.