Unlike other competition out there Anthony “Dream” Johnson has a different approach to dating. Anthony’s approach to life and dating is quite a roller coaster. He believes that overall development of the individual is more important than just the stuff that you say and speak. In fact if you go down to www. thedreamlounge.net you’ll find him speaking about health and fitness more than dating. Anthony believes himself to be an “Ideal Man”. He founded two famous entities: “21 conventions” and “the dream lounge” and is active on both.

Fitness training, dieting, behaviour all of these comes under his training. His articles in his website are free to read and review. At first you would find him to be an absolute narcissist, but when you read deeper he is describing the “you”. His is a man with his own Ideology completely different and complete unique. It is good to see that on this market someone has taken keen interest in places and aspects of life focussing on which in one sure way of becoming a good candidate for dating. Anthony Johnson, the man behind the 21 convention is a former UCF student who took the bold step of dropping out of UCF and creating something that is a total man convention for completing transforming an individual’s life.

Anthony Johnson aka Dream was born on 25th August 1988 and studied at Fort Myers High School where he completed his graduation in 2006. Thereafter, he was a student at the prestigious University of Central Florida which he left in February 2010 when he failed twice in a course on how to start a business. But there was something else in store for him. At a tender age of 18, in July 2007, he became the chief executive officer of The 21 Convention which attributed to his popularity. Today, he is no less than a celebrity after being featured in the New York Times #1 best seller ‘The Four Hour Work Week’ and also on WGN Chicago. He has no intention of completing his degree and is focusing on working to improve the quality of life. Currently he lives in south-west Florida where he has been raised as a child. Anthony also maintains a personal blog, The Dream Lounge, where he writes on a number of niches. These include exercise, nutrition, life and a lot more. So when he is not travelling for The 21 convention, he is busy writing. Anthony Johnson considers life, liberty, reason, purpose and self-esteem as the top virtues of his life. He believes happiness to be the highest purpose of his life and this is what gets him going with The 21 convention.