Daniel Meese has earned quite a reputation as Daniel Badboy, or simply Badboy PUA over the past few years. He is a dating coach and pickup artist who runs Badboy Lifestyle and helps men in find a girlfriend or attracting random woman. Daniel, born in Serbia was also an active participant in Civil war. During the war he learned how precious and short one’s life is and that it should never be wasted! He got the confidence to talk to anyone about anything from this period itself!

What separates Badboy’s methods from other PUAs is the fact that his methods involve going in for a direct game! His unique methods are what have made him one of the best Pick up Artists in Europe. His direct method is sort of an advanced level for guys, but it is not something that can never be learnt. Daniel emphasizes that Direct Game is about directly approaching a girl, asking her out and showing a sense of your sexuality. This ultimately could lead to an instant date, one night stand, or probably even a girlfriend! There are a lot of advice articles that you can find on Badboy Lifestyle. These articles are meant to work for you as icebreakers and help you enter into a new world of confidence and sexuality.

Badboy helps you to initiate a conversation with Pick up lines. For instance, you can ask a bold question, which is certain to leave a girl startled with your boldness and confidence. You can then cite an instance of past (fake one usually, unless you really had one) thereby making your statement based upon. Then you could instantly hit directly on the attractiveness of the girl, which is certain to take her off ground. The words you use are what make this actually happen!