Alex Coulson is Australia’s most famous dating coach. He holds cutting-edge dating workshops every weekend in Australia and regularl seminars about attracting women for his students around the world. Alex began mastering the art of dating women from an early age. He employs the practice of going out and dating women during day time to discover what works and what doesn’t work.

women don’t know what they want

He started offering dating services for men on how to approach and talk to women since 2007 through online videos and LIVE infield boot camps, where he takes guys out to the real world and teaches them how to approach by doing it together. Since then, Alex Coulson’s Videos have been viewed about 6 millions times and he has been featured on TV news programs (Today Tonight), paper media outlets (Sydney Morning Herald, Zoo magazine, The Daily Telegraph), and Triple M radio station.

In 2011, Alex Coulson was invited to lecture at the University of Southern California where he taught a group of 58 students about the importance of confidence in dating. He was featured speaker at the Project Hollywood mansion (from “The Game”) and received an award for Best Videos from the Pick-up artist community. One of the successful works of Alex Coulson is Street Dating Revealed. He promotes his dating expertise by showing students his real videos of him picking up women.

Alex dating coaching style is based on showing men how to pick up attractive women in normal, everyday situations such as while grabbing a coffee, travelling to work, picking up lunch or walking down the street. He says most men tend to go to bars to pick up a woman. He explains bars and clubs are the hardest places to meet women; a man is forced to compete for women with dozens of other drunk, pushy men. Think of a bar scenario where it is super loud, hard to talk, and crowded. Men spend lots of money on drinks, cover charge and taxicabs and yet most often they end up not succeeding getting the women of their dreams home.

To help men pick up attractive women in normal day hours, he teaches men to be confident. Alex Coulson basis for following the day approach is he believes it’s the simplest as long as men learn how to be confident in front of a woman they desire. His dating advice is focuses on teaching men to be their real self when approaching women and to stop using fake pick up lines. He says this usually turns women off. Another area he focuses in his dating couching to men is communication. He says many men get attracted to women and want to meet them but have no idea what to say in the event they meet up. Alex Coulson dating coaching teaches men on the tricks of communicating to a woman to attract her. He teaches men on what to say to start a conversation with women.