Traits For A Perfect Mate – Survey Results

[himage] While some people love the single life, most are looking for that ideal mate. Unfortunately, according to a recent survey, many singles unknowingly turn off potential partners, thanks to certain physical traits or behaviors that turn out to be “deal breakers.” Recently, hired MarketTools Inc. to conduct a survey, which collected information gaging male and female attitudes about dating. Ultimately, the survey showed that singles have very specific “deal breakers” and “must haves” in mind when assessing potential mates. After surveying more than 5,400 single men and women, they reported the following:

Online Reputations Matter

According to the survey, four out of five single men and women would cancel a date based on something they found while doing Internet research on a potential partner. Additionally, nearly half of women and 40 percent of men admitted to doing social network research prior to a first date; so be careful what you post to your Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Sexual Experience Important

Decades ago, society frowned upon sexual promiscuity; however, things appear to have changed. According to MarketTools Inc., 42 percent of survey respondents said they would never date someone who had no sexual experience; so if you’re still a virgin, you may want to fake it until you make it.

Finances Rank High

It may come as no surprise to learn that money matters, when it comes to dating; however, modern singles appear to be amazingly picky about a potential mate’s finances. In fact, in this recent poll, over half of male and female respondents said they would never date anyone who had substantial student loan debt. Additionally, 65 percent said they’d turn and run from anyone who owed more than $5,000 in credit card debt.

Watch Your Mouth

According to the survey, to land the girl or guy of your dreams, it pays to refine your oral qualities. When judging the two most important qualities in a potential date, both men and women rated teeth as number one, followed by good grammar. According to cosmetic dentist Dr. Mark Dunayer, these findings are relatively unsurprising.

“Ideally, dental flaws shouldn’t matter in the dating world,” he said. “Unfortunately, however, for many people, they do. Countless social studies have clearly shown that people associate crooked and gapped teeth with low intelligence and a lack of success. People also tend to associate yellow teeth with poor overall hygiene. Although it may not seem fair, teeth play a huge role in determining whether or not a single man or woman will be able to successfully get a first or second date. In the end, cosmetic dental procedures will probably increase a person’s chances more than nice clothes or a fit physique.”

Personality Still Matters

While this recent survey may seem to indicate that modern singles only care about shallow qualities; some of the research suggests otherwise. When asked to list key “must haves” in a potential partner, a very high percentage of women said they wanted a respectful man they could trust and confide in. Additionally, both men and women said they strongly valued sense of humor as a major quality in a mate; so if you don’t have perfect teeth and your finances aren’t up to par, there still may be hope if you’re a good listener or can consistently solicit a giggle.

USA Today: What singles want: Survey looks at attraction, turnoffs | Ryan Lawrence writes for Off-Topic Media. Thanks to Dr. Mark Dunayer for his contributions to this story.