Tinder VS Real Life

Tinder VS Real Life

[fimage] Imagine live in a bigger city, it’s a sunny Saturday and you walk through the streets with a friend of yours. Whenever you see a girl that you find attractive, one of you has to approach her. How many do you need to approach until you got 1 number? I would guess between 2-10 for most guys, dependent on how good their game and experience is. That’s somewhere around 30%.

Second scenario, you’re sitting at home, it’s a rainy boring day and you swipe through tinder trying to get lucky. How many girls do you have to like until you got a match? On average around 50! That’s about 2% now if we remove all the fakes and flakes, who don’t respond or don’t give out their number, we got 1% left. That’s a huge difference compared to the 30% in Real Life.

However these statistics are just for the average guy, in the tinder review I explain how the game is completely different for 5% of us.

-> Highest Success-Rate = Real Life.

But we need to be fair, it takes less than 5 minutes to swipe through 100 girls on tinder and about 10 to 30 minutes until you meet a cute girl, except your apartment is in the center of New York.

-> Less Time = Tinder

There are a few other points that we need to consider:

1. I said sunny Saturday, if you don’t live in California, it’s not sunny all the time, it could be rainy or cold and it’s not always the best weather to go outside. Shopping malls are a great way to practice on bad weather days, but not really the ideal place.

2. People are busy these days, after a hard day of work, you just want to relax but let’s say you motivate yourself to go outside instead. The next part is to motivate your friend to come with you, because approaching girls alone, is way less fun. And by the way you should at least try to dress up a little to feel more confident.

3. Sounds like a lot of uncomfortable steps, each with the risk of finding excuses which will prevent you from doing it at all. The biggest obstacle that you need to overcome is the approach itself. You need some balls to go up to a girl that you find attractive and risk getting rejected.

With tinder you don’t need to care about the weather, the weekend, your friend, how you look or where you are. You can like girls while sitting on your toilet, looking like shit, all that counts is your tinder profile, once it looks good, it will stay this way. You just need to send them one of the few pick up lines that work on tinder and have a short but interesting conversation, so that she is ready to date you.

Most Flexibility & Comfort = Tinder

Less time and more flexibility are two very valuable advantages but comfort is a double-edged sword. Growth happens beyond the comfort-zone, if you do the hard work, you will learn much better how to handle rejection and how to conquer your fears. It will train your social skills and make you a more confident man.

Most Learning Value = Real Life

Previously I made a post about the 9 Types of Girls you meet on Tinder. The majority of girls are the same like in real life, the difference are the 10%. Of course you can find your next girlfriend on tinder, however the chance of meeting a girl that is above average in terms of looks and character is higher in real life. It’s also something most women wish to tell their friends and family when they get asked where both of you have met: In the city.

Relationship Material = Real Life

There is a second, unofficial name for Tinder: The Hookup App. If it would be official, most girls would feel like sluts if they join. That’s why it’s the unofficial name and nearly everyone knows it. Girls love sex as much as we do, even with nearly strangers, they just want to do it privately. Tinder is the right place for the average girl who wants to get laid quickly without much effort.

Fuck Buddy = Tinder

The Winner

The great thing is that you don’t need to choose one over the other. You can have the benefits of both, if you combine them in a smart way. Use the weekends to practise how to approach girls in a bigger city or in clubs. Whenever you are bored use Tinder as a way of entertainment and additional source for potential mates. This way you will have the most results and still extend your social skills and comfort-zone.