Tinder Super Like – Pros and Cons

The Superlike is a new feature on Tinder. It’s now being tested in Australia and will soon be rolled out to the rest of the world.

I have a love-hate relationship with Tinder. One of the things that I hate is that if you are an attractive girl you get more matches each day, than you can have a conversation with. Most guys don’t have this “problem” but it still affects them, because girls are less likely to invest into a conversation.

By the slightest mistake, they start to loose interest. One wrong word and her attention is shifted to the next guy. This is the result of abundance or oversaturation on an extreme level and the more attractive she is, the harder it becomes to catch and keep her attention.

The image above is a moment, one of my Tinder matches once posted. It pretty much sums up, how most girls are feeling on Tinder. She got so much choice, that it’s nearly impossible to keep her attention on one match only. The Guys on Tinder are obviously aware of this issue and reacted with a genius invention:

The Super Like (Pros and Cons)

The Pro

Men have a very similar taste when it comes to female beauty. As a result, the most attractive girls will collect all the Superlikes, and yours will just make her ego-boost even bigger. Actually this is a Con, until you look at it from another perspective:

1. It will help you get hotter girls
Spending your Superlike on the hottest girls won’t help you, but if you don’t spend it on her, she will be curious why you didn’t. She will guess that you are used to getting hotter girls, which makes her feel attraction for you.

2. It will help you to get average girls more easily
Instead, spend the limited number of Superlikes on the girls that you like, but which don’t look like they would receive many. She will be much more flattered and willing to reward you with her attention.

3. It makes it easier to identify the Green Girls
In the Tinder Booster Guide, I explained that there are three types of matches:

Green Girls – The ones that are really interested
Yellow Girls – The ones that are maybe interested
Red Girls – The ones that are hard / impossible to get

I recommend that you focus on the green girls and explain how you find out the type of each match. With the super like you don’t need to find it out anymore. As soon as you got superliked by a girl, you will notice a special blue message at the bottom of the screen. Just use the three-texts-trick to get her number and arrange a date.

The Cons

My advice above, will help you with a few girls each day but we didn’t talk about the real power of the Superlike: Receiving it!

An attractive girl can have nearly every guy she swipes right. Her choice is unlimited which makes it kind of boring. Humans value the things the most, that we can’t have or which are limited. Superlikes are very limited, and she will use them only if she’s really attracted to you. If you receive a Superlike, you can honestly be proud of it.

BUT… It won’t be easy to get it!

And that’s the problem. It’s quite a challenge to match with enough pretty girls each day. However, becoming their favorite without using your seductive texting skills, requires above excellent profile photos. So if you don’t have access to a guide like the Tinder Booster, which is specialized on teaching you how to create a perfect tinder profile, your benefits from the Superlike will be minor.