Tinder Hookups – Be aware of Fake Sluts

tinder-slut-hookupOn every other profile you will read the line “NO ONS!” (not interested in One Night Stands / Hookups). Tinder is known to be a hook-up app and in the review I found out that this is true. There is no other place where it’s easier to get laid with good looking girls who are down to have some fun.

The number one mistake most guys do is that they use tinder when they are bored and horny. If you didn’t know yet, tinder makes you even hornier and it’s the fastest way to lose a girl.

Yes, girls love hookups too, but they don’t want to make it official, cause that would make her a slut. Her mind goes like: everyone is using it and as long as I’m writing something like “No ONS” I’m still a classy girl. They are aware that it’s a hookup app, but by writing this line they feel better about it.


Another reason and probably the more important one is, that they are tired of “those guys”. By “those guys” they mean the ones who are not able to hide their primary interest until they meet in person. Their horniness is strong that they can’t hold back.

1. You become too sexual

big-boobs-hookupIn real-life being horny can motivate to take action and being sexual can improve your results as long as you’re sober. It’s rare and therefore exciting for the girl to meet a man who is confident enough to show his sexual side. However that’s not the case in tinder. You don’t see her in person and maybe never will, which makes most guys lose their sense of shame. They think the fastest way to have sex is to talk about sex. While that might work for us, women take a little longer to get horny. At first they need to have comfort and trust, that’s why sexting is great for couples and people that know each other, but not a random stranger. Secondly women need to warm up. The chance that she is relaxed on her couch or in her bed is very low. It will be hard to get her in the mood while she is shopping, working or with friends. You need to start slowly, but most guys think she will be turned on by a picture of their dick or some dirty pick up lines.

So save your sexting skills for later, on tinder it’s a big turn off. Here are a few tinder lines that do work, if you don’t know what to say, start with them.

2. You become needy

[fimage] Girls are smart, they know exactly how to use their weapons. Especially the less attractive ones love tinder. It gives them endless opportunities that they haven’t had before. People in general are very aware of what others think about them. So if you see a fat or less than average looking female with big tits, you might imagine having sex with her, but you would never approach her, because someone could be watching. Tinder allows these girls to get all the validation, attention and sex that they always wished for. Guys are so easily manipulated by boobs that they instantly like all girls that seem to give easy access to sex.

3. You get fooled by Sluts


She get’s you to like her (because boobs) even tho she is below your standards. But when you want to get down to business, she doesn’t want to hook up? WTF?! I mean does she really think guys are looking for a relationship with a girl that presents herself like a slut? The only possibility that comes to my mind is that her dick-magnet works so well, that she falsely assumes that all the guys she matches with are interested in her as a person. C’mon bitch, do you really think we believe that shit? Present yourself the way you want to get threaded! Guys be careful, she will steal your time and won’t be easier than any other chick, probably harder. It’s a waste of time.

Conclusion: You destroy your future changestinder-slut-doesnt-want-to-hookup

Guys who are pickier get better results on tinder. It’s a little complicated, the short explanation is that by having no standards you are getting a worse ranking. I wrote a whole article in Tinder Booster about the tinder algorithm and how you can use it to improve your results. Besides being picky, the length of your tinder conversations is also a factor, that’s why you shouldn’t mess it up too quickly by being horny.