Sisters before Misters?

If you haven’t heard that before, it’s the female version of Bro’s before Hoe’s and means that men and relationships come and go, but friendship stays always. They will be there for you in good and bad times so don’t let a girl/guy come between you. In my opinion this is true (most of the time) even if I think that male friendships are much more solid and honest.

Last Weekend proved this!

The weekend before last weekend: There was a stupid girl who kissed a random stupid guy in a club. After the kiss she had enough but didn’t know how to get rid of him, she walked away but he followed her around the bar until she saw my brother. She knew my brother and wanted him to pretend he is her boyfriend, but my brother didn’t want to play this silly game, so he walked away, followed by her, followed by the stupid guy.

[himage] A pretty girl (Samantha) saw this and became attracted to my brother (getting chased by girls is attractive). So she used this situation to approach him. They seem to like each other so I used the situation to get to know her hot friend (Caroline). We both got laid that night, the next morning the girls called their other best friends and me and my brother went to a restaurant with 5 good looking girls (they are a all unbreakable best friends since about 10 years). It was one of my favorite restaurants, very big and trendy, full of hot chicks and they were all looking at us. Preselection is a wonderful thing.

Last weekend: We randomly met the girls in the same club, said hello and moved on. A few minutes later one of them (Anna) came to me and whispered in my ear “Caroline will kill me if she see’s me here, but I need to ask you something: If I were there that night instead of her, what do you think would have happened?” She was a  little bit drunk, I guess to feel less guilty. I was attracted to her too but imagined that there was no chance to make that happen until this moment, so I said “I wish I could kiss you, but there are too many people watching us here”, she said “I will go outside, meet me there in 5 minutes.”

We met outside, drove to my apartment and I can’t tell the last time a girl was so incredible horny to fuck me. She undressed me in the elevator and before I closed the door, she was laying naked and ready in the bed. She was so wet.. damn I should focus to seduce only friends of girls I had sex with.

The sex was great, we showered and went back to the club where we suddenly met the others… searching for us. I don’t know how she did it, but she invented a fake story and when I kissed Caroline goodbye it felt like she could imagined what happened, but without a proof this only raise my attraction.

I tough all of the girls where gone, but after I number-closed a random chick on the dance floor and turned to my friends, I saw Anna, sitting by my friends, in tears. I guess to much emotions for her this night. The funny thing is after I left the club, I saw another friend of mine leaving with the girl I just number-closed (and arranged a date for the next day) he took her to his hotel room, I felt a sweet little pain but convinced myself to be happy for him.

Karma is still a Bitch.