How to Get Laid on Tinder – Funny Example

If you know Julien Blanc, then you have probably heard one of his jokes that goes like this:

I pay for abortions with all the money I save on condoms…
Just kidding, I never pay.

His humor is often very mean, that’s why he got into a lot of trouble and this tweet is no longer online. However I really had to laugh about it, so I decided to use as a pick up line on girls in tinder and see how they are reacting. Just like most pickup lines, especially the mean lines, it didn’t work so well. But one conversation was really funny so I had to share it with you. I even took it a little further and added the online version of the Apocalypse Opener.

tinder-girl tinder-girlsMost of what I wrote is total bullshit, but it still got me her number and she is kind of cute. It’s a perfect example that it’s not important which words you are choosing, but more the vibe that you are presenting. Attraction is all that matters, she will notice even on tinder what kind of guy you are, just by way you write. In this example she knew that I’m totally outcome independent, I didn’t care if I succeed, all I did was having fun and enjoying it myself. This is the vibe that attractive guys have, they got enough opportunities so it doesn’t matter if they mess one up to have some fun.




[fimage] I’m using an online client for tinder that I reviewed in the Tinder-Booster, that’s why it looks a little different. For mobile-users this image is probably better to view. She told me two times that she doesn’t want to speak with me, but she didn’t removed me from her list and still replied. This shows that she is somehow still attracted. Don’t listen to what she says, just read her signals. I was persistent and kept writing without being needy. It worked and she opened up. I guess she was already on after the opening line and it might have worked if I played it safe. But this way it was much more fun and it will be easier later, cause she knows that she is getting laid, if she meets me.