How to Compliment your Girlfriend

compliment your girlfriend

“Too often we underestimate the power of a touch, a smile, a kind word, a listening ear, an honest compliment, or the smallest act of caring, all of which have the potential to turn a life around.” ― Leo Buscaglia

A compliment is a simple expression with a deep impact. It can make or break a person’s day. In some instances, a compliment can have a lifespan effect on an individual. Compliments are more than just ego-boosters; it’s more like a support system to your spouse. A compliment is how you demonstrate to your girlfriend that you recognize and appreciate her. It also shows respect, admiration, approval, gratitude, trust, and hope. Now, we’re not saying that your girlfriend is insecure or needs you to validate her worth. However, try to think how you’d feel if people you love didn’t compliment you? A relationship is a partnership where you rally for each other. Men are keen on their girlfriends being their cheerleaders; in return, you can root her on. Compliments are important as it boosts your relationship.

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5 Reasons to compliment her:

• It makes her feel good.
• It increases her confidence about your relationship.
• It’s an indicator and reminder that she is loved.
• It shows support.
• It drives her away from other guys’ compliments.

Do you want a prosperous relationship? Then it’s time to be a compliment champion. Not sure how to compliment your girlfriend? Or tried it and it blew up in your face? There are ways and means to give a compliment. We’ve gathered a few of the best ways to do so. Do note that it’s always great to take into consideration your girlfriend’s persona so you can know which way to use.

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Start Her Day With A Compliment – Think about it like a steaming cup of coffee. If you start her day off with a heartfelt compliment then you just revitalized her for the whole day. Come what may, her smile will remain intact as she remembers that moment. Here’s a scenario: Ever woke up beside her and found her absolutely breathtaking? Then say it and take her breath away.

Be Sincere – Compliments are best felt when they are made of truth. Let genuineness guide your words. Though your words might be clichéd, how it’s said is what’s important even if she heard it a million times before, she’ll know and appreciate that you truly mean them.

Surprise Her – Just out of the blue, express your admiration for her without it warranting you to.

Use Your Funny Bones – A compliment can be out right funny in a gentle way. When you make her eyes and lips dance then you imprint on her heart another special moment. Plus humor and laughter strengthen your immune system.

There’s More to Compliments than Looks – You can express praise for other aspects of her life, her career, her nonprofit, her hobby, her taste, etc.

Admire Her in A Crowd – This will create a stronger bond between you when you can accolade your girlfriend around your friends or strangers, it somehow strengthens the relationship and says to the world “She is mine and I am happily hers”

No Words – Sometimes no words are necessary. Simply looking at her, smiling, touching her hand, shoulder, kissing her forehead shows admiration of the highest form. Sometimes, you say it best when you say nothing at all.

Be creative – Find fun, innovative ways to compliment your spouse. She’ll appreciate the effort and enjoy the thrill your creativity brings.

Your body should echo your compliments – Use positive, welcoming and warm body language as this will speak to the authenticity of your commendation.

Learn How To Receive As Well As Give – Don’t brush off her compliment, you can tell her “thank you, honey” or “I appreciate you saying that”. Remember to accept sincerely.

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How you should NOT compliment your Girlfriend

Avoid these types of compliments:

Don’t be a Compliment Cheater – Don’t compliment another like how you complimented your spouse especially another woman. Even worse – if you haven’t expressed any admiration for her in a while.

Don’t Fabricate – Don’t make things up in order to attempt to make your girlfriend feel good. It might make her feel worse.

Don’t use compliment as an escape route – Such as when you’re having a disagreement and you wish for it to end, giving her a compliment especially if it’s insincere might move you from the frying pot to the fire.

Don’t be Like a Scratched Record – Saying the same things over and over might make her believe you’re being dishonest or something is wrong with you.

Don’t overdo it – Remember there’s a time and place for everything, compliments included.

Don’t use the wrong medium – It might not be right at the time to compliment her via a text when you really should say it to her face or Tagging her in a Facebook post when you’ve never told it directly before. It might seem like a facade.

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More power to your relationship if you can compliment your spouse as fit. Note that compliments are firstly naturally what you think, feel; it’s just that it’s not expressed as much as it should be. Compliments can be mighty powerful and we implore that you use that power to strengthen what you have with your spouse. When she feels good, you’ll feel good vice versa. Do not let rejection inhibit your complimenting. Try again especially if you know she’ll appreciate what you’re feeling.

“When I compliment you, I compliment myself, because I am who I associate with.” ― Jarod Kintz

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