Is it gross to be upfront with your intentions on Tinder?

Buzzfeed just mentioned me in an article, because I’ve tested the famous Tinder message from Maximilian Berger:


It’s called Apocalypse Opener, a few weeks ago I tested it myself on Tinder and posted one funny result in the post about how to get laid on tinder.

However, the main reason why buzzfeed wrote about it was that someone used this tinder opener on a feminist user. She googled it and found out that it’s copied and pasted from my website. Afterwards she posted the screenshot on her instagram called “feminist_tinder”:


Feminists hate PUAs (Pick Up Artists) more than anything and hate is something that the mainstream media loves just like everything that involves drama.

I have to admit Ryan, the author of the article did an excellent job. Great research, neutral written and straight to the point. The only thing that I don’t like is the headline:


It’s not his fault, headlines should grab the attention and reflect the opinion of the mainstream, but is it really gross to use a message like that? 

There can be several reasons why a woman is using Tinder. The girl from feminist_tinder is using it to reveal misogynist men, though most girls on tinder fall into these 4 categories.

After all no matter what their intentions are, Tinder is know to be a Hookup-App, most people are using it to get laid! So don’t be surprised when someone is upfront about it and asks if you want to have sex.

Furtunately there are still some women who have a normal perspective about it, even on Buzzfeed:


The funny thing is that I don’t even like the Apocalypse Opener and I wrote that I can’t recommend using it. Not because it’s upfront, but simply because it doesn’t have good results. In my opinion it’s much better to be upfront and honest than fooling people and tempting someone with false hopes. To summarize it all, the award for the best comment goes to this young lady: